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Taking Care of Family [Dec. 4th, 2012|10:03 am]
[mood |annoyedannoyed]

My brother has the flu. He texted me on Saturday asking if I could bring him over drugs and soup and I brought him more food last night. He's a teaching assistant for a Medill class and as he put it probably caught it from all the "disgusting sick freshmen." He's never really believed in TMI so I've been getting lots of updates on his sweat as his fever breaks. I've tried to use this as ammo for persuading Kevin to get his flu shot but he insists he "doesn't get the flu" despite having gotten it twice to my zero. He just hates needles. But considering this year is supposed to be a really bad season I might just ambush him by putting him in a car and driving him to CVS so I don't wind up taking care of him too.

My parents and sister will be in town the weekend of the 14th to see The Book of Mormon. My parents are really big musical buffs and I'm super excited that they got us tickets. They asked if I could have them over to the house for dinner on Saturday and I said sure and offered to cook this cashew-crusted tilapia dish that's kind of a hassle but really delicious. I picked this since Cassie won't eat anything with carbs and by dad won't eat shellfish or beef. Then my mom said she thinks farmed fish like tilapia is unhealthy and asked if I could make the dish with salmon instead. I said I didn't think that would be good so she suggested going with her to Whole Foods "and just cooking what's freshest like I usually do." My mom is not a good cook and doesn't really know anything about food besides it's calorie count, which she obsesses over, so her acting like she knows more than me on this matter is pretty annoying. Luckily it turns out Kevin's holiday party is that night so it looks like I've dodged that bullet.

In other exciting family news I learned from Jake that my parents have been telling my sister that they don't think she needs a boob job. She has not asked for a boob job. When pressed they told my brother that they think she has body image issues and wanted her to be OK with talking to them if she wanted plastic surgery. She obviously has body image issues, instilled in her by them. She'd grow boobs of her own if she didn't work out so much that she has 0% body fat. The best thing for her would probably be to leave Miami, but she seems uninterested in that. I'm just glad I'm here, even if I do find myself getting into a teeth whitening regiment in anticipation of their visit.

[User Picture]From: lassarina
2012-12-05 12:37 am (UTC)
I hadn't had flu in like ten years and then I had it November 2009, and that was enough to make sure I definitely got a flu shot after that.

....your parents and your sister have some really unfortunate eating dysfunction, it sounds like :/ It would be awesome if your mom would trust to your badass cooking skills.
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