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Back From New York [Jun. 5th, 2013|04:03 pm]
So we didn't even come close to finishing the fight. We didn't quite finish one round of it. At one point a single character's action took two hours, though to be fair her action was to cast a spell that made Kevin tell us all about a bunch of the monsters. But I still had a lot of fun. We need to tweak some of the characters to balance them and Dan and Mike think we're going to lose but we've got time to work things out before we play again sometime in August. We took a few videos on our various smart phones that I think we'll cobble together when this is over to share.

So after one super-packed weekend Kevin and I left Friday night for New York City to stay with yeppiagree. My parents had gotten tickets to Lucky Guy for the whole family so Jake, Cassie and I turned it into a way to see friends in the area and spend some time with the family. The show was incredible. The big draw is that its Tom Hanks but the supporting cast and Nora Ephron's script were also excellent so I'd highly recommend it even after he's done with his run.

While I was there I also filmed a video for The Gameological Society. John has been wanting to get me in one of his weekly Digests for a while now but this was the first time I was out in New York where he films. It turned out to be super convenient to get to his place so Rita, Kevin and I spent a day walking around the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and a big park there then they hung out for a while while we did the filming. It was a lot of fun and John said I was a natural so I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished result on the site this month.

Other activities included getting incredibly complicated cocktails and $1 oysters at a Brooklyn bar and having Kevin cover me by looking out for store employees while I took pictures at Pathmark which let me take Monday off without actually losing a vacation day. I was super glad I took Monday off since my parents and Jake flew back Sunday night and rain delayed their flights to the point they got in at 4 a.m.

So now I'm happy to be back though Kevin is on a wild D&D kick and ran a game on the fly last night and is trying to get another one together potentially for tonight. I've got to review the new Marvel MMO so I need to find a balance between playing games for fun and work this week since I'm back out of town next weekend to visit my grandma in Florida.

[User Picture]From: rollick
2013-06-06 03:29 am (UTC)
Ha. I had a moment of "She's on LiveJournal? ROCK!" but then I see she hasn't posted since 2007. Alas.
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