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The Bug Dog [Aug. 1st, 2013|08:37 am]
[mood |happyhappy]

So we've decided to keep Ladybug. As she got more used to us and her new house she started to get more energetic and less nervous. Now when either of us come home she does what I like to call the happy dog dance, this ridiculous full-body wiggle prance where her tail basically wags in a full circle and she sort of jumps sort of just tries to get us to take her paw. Part of this might be a "I really have to pee, take me outside" dance but it's super cute either way.

She follows us loyally from room to room although she's afraid of Zen so if Zen's in a doorway she'll just whimper rather than cross her. That works fine for me. I'm much happier with the 50 pound animal being afraid of the nine pound one since it means she isn't going to hurt my cat. Zen for her part has done a lot of hissing taken some swipes at Ladybug to show her who's boss but I've never seen claws out so it's just posturing which is good. Bravo's still terrified of this monster I've brought home but he's more willing to be close to the dog if I'm petting him and I think he'll come around eventually, especially when winter rolls around and he wants the warmth of our bed.

Kevin decided Ladybug's energetic enough for him and really likes how licky she is and that she's always at the door to great you and is really sad to see you go. She also likes dozing on the couch with us and curling up on the bed, often in places where she'll have to be moved when we both want to sleep. A bigger bed may be in order.

In other good news I got my one-year review at my day job and got a nearly 6% raise. They said I'm doing a good job and they want to keep me there and happy. So yay!

[User Picture]From: lassarina
2013-08-02 12:28 am (UTC)
Yay for raise, and for happy adapting doggie! I'm glad for both :)
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