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The incredible hopping dog [Sep. 20th, 2013|10:22 am]
When we got Ladybug we were told she had an injured knee but that they'd fix it for us free of charge for adopting her. We'd seen it in action when she went up and down the stairs since she'd tuck her bad leg in and sometimes after a long walk she seemed in pain and would be hard to persuade to move. So she had her surgery last week and is doing great. She started off with a hot pink bandage which we of course had to take many pictures of and provoked random passerbys when we were walking her to go "Aww!" The bandage came off Monday and now her kind of gross looking stitches are visible, but those come out this Monday. She's been doing great. I'm guessing whenever the injury happened initially she got used to getting around on just three legs and seems to do that like a champ hopping along on her walks. She does periodically forget she's injured and try to do things she really can't at the moment like jump up on a tree after a squirrel which leads to some sad yelps of pain. But overall she seems to be taking things pretty well. She's even gotten a hang of just swallowing her pills when I put them in her mouth rather than trying to hold them as long as possible. She's got another month of recovery ahead of her but after that I'm really hoping she'll have full movement and be able to run around more.

I've also discovered the huge advantages for adopting the veterinary clinic's dog. I brought her in to get her shots and microchipping right before leaving for GenCon and asked if they do boarding since I thought it would be nice for her to stay with people she knows even if it is quite the trek to get to their offices in Libertyville. They said they normally don't but were happy to just take Ladybug free of charge because they're so attached to her. And I've never encountered an animal so excited to go to the vet.

In other news my parents and sister invited themselves to have Thanksgiving at our place. We were already planning on hosting Kevin's father (who also invited himself) and my brother so it's going to be a full and crazy house. My mom asked if I could make fish in addition to turkey since she and my sister prefer that, pointing out that she always bakes salmon along with a bird. I pointed out that's a lot easier for her since she has two ovens so she's going to try to get my brother to cook the fish and bring it over. I'm OK with that but I wasn't going to get my turkey screwed up by catering to them. I also had to make it clear to my mom multiple times that she can not bring her dog to "meet his nephew." Ladybug's awesome but she's not great with other dogs and dealing with them fighting is about the last thing I need while also cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

This weekend I'm judging a rib cook-off in Chicago as a "celebrity judge." Basically their PR person was just reaching out to local food writers that they could put on their press releases but I'm super excited to be considered and to get to eat a bunch of ribs as a pre-game for the 10th annual pirate party.

[User Picture]From: cassielsander
2013-09-20 11:21 pm (UTC)
I'm glad Ladybug is doing well!

Also: Good for you for standing up for yourself in dog and fish matters.

Also also: My family loves your article on Pete.
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[User Picture]From: spreadnparanoia
2013-09-20 11:56 pm (UTC)
Thank you, thank you and thank you. I'm so glad they like it. Thanks for setting me up with him. He was a great interviewee and I'm really happy with how the piece turned out.

Edited at 2013-09-20 11:58 pm (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: lassarina
2013-09-21 12:13 am (UTC)
...oh merciful cheese. Good for you standing your ground. Good luck with hosting the family, too.

Say, are you free next week? Perhaps for Magelike things? Or Count of Monte Cristo, I'm not picky :)
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