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The ups and downs of writing - Making Chaos [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The ups and downs of writing [Sep. 25th, 2013|04:38 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]

My For Our Consideration on how Pathfinder has surpassed Dungeons & Dragons' popularity through marketing tactics went up yesterday. I'd first come up with the idea in January when Kevin started talking about trying Pathfinder after we'd grown disenchanted with 4th Edition D&D, which made me curious about how many other people were doing the same thing. It turned out to be a lot and for a lot of reasons and I am quite proud of the results here.

I didn't know it was going up Tuesday until I checked the site at 8 a.m. that morning and by that time it had accumulated about 90 comments including several from one guy saying it was a terrible article that made him lose faith in The Gameological Society because 4th Edition is the best thing ever and I had just written it off. Many commenters had already come to my defense pointing out that the article wasn't even talking about whether or not Pathfinder is better than 4th Edition, just that it's outselling it and some of the reasons why. But I felt a strong urge to share my nerd cred.

I wrote a few paragraphs explaining my experience with both systems and countering a bunch of his points about how great 4th Edition is while pointing out the things I do really like about that system. I told Kevin what I was doing and he told me to send him what I was writing before posting it. After reading my comments he said they were well thought out and that he agreed but that I really shouldn't engage the troll. So I did the equivalent of sticking my letter in a drawer and reluctantly agreed. Thankfully said commenter hadn't said anything like "This girl probably doesn't even play D&D" or I wouldn't have been able to restrain myself. But there are enough random references to my D&D habit scattered throughout Gameological that I'm sure if he'd gone there my noble commenters would have jumped on him. Reading further comments I'm even happier that I did not engage as things have devolved into the sort of awful stuff I see on D&D forums about how wizards ruin all games that make me wonder about the people who play the game so differently than I do.

Last night I stopped by Cat & Mouse games hoping to play some board games for a different pieces I'm working on for Gameological. I mentioned to the friendly sales guy I was looking for games with traitor mechanics for an essay I'm writing and after informing me that they didn't have play copies of any of them he helpfully talked me few what I could buy and asked what class I was writing the essay for. I told him I actually wrote for a gaming site and when he asked which one I mentioned Gameological expecting him to have never heard of it. Instead he said "Wow! Gameological I just read a really great story on there today about how Paizo is kicking D&D's ass." I told him that I'd written that and he gave me his hand to shake. I was unspeakably proud. It's good fuel for the next time some trolls bait me and I have to exercise restraint.

From: magdalene1
2013-09-25 09:48 pm (UTC)
I know Chicago Game Lovers has a periodic thing where they ONLY play traitor-games - Traitorous Tuesdays? - so you might look there for suggestions.
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[User Picture]From: spreadnparanoia
2013-09-26 01:49 pm (UTC)
Crazy! Sadly the last reference I can find to that was last year. I would have loved to check that out.
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[User Picture]From: pooka_madness
2013-09-25 09:54 pm (UTC)
Have you played The Resistance? It's a board game, not an RPG, and it's basically just a differently-gamified Witch Hunt, but I enjoy it a lot.
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[User Picture]From: spreadnparanoia
2013-09-25 11:08 pm (UTC)
I haven't but I'm staying away from Witch Hunt variants for this since there are so many of them and that's essentially a weird form of competitive game rather than an otherwise cooperative game where the goal is to defeat the board and possibly some player on its side.
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[User Picture]From: adam_0oo
2013-09-25 10:11 pm (UTC)
I was looking for games with traitor mechanics

I don't actually know what that means, but it is a pretty sweet thing to say, nonetheless.
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[User Picture]From: rollick
2013-09-29 10:15 pm (UTC)
Aw, that's awesome! It's always a little weird and a little exciting to meet a fan in person.
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