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Vegas Baby - Part 2 - Making Chaos [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Vegas Baby - Part 2 [Aug. 31st, 2015|03:38 pm]
Wow. Well it's been a while since I started posting about this trip but I'm going to continue…

So we had gotten to the show way too early as pointed out previously by the DJ we wanted to see not showing up until 1:30 a.m. We spent an hour hanging out outdoors. I wandered over to the bar to find out how expensive drinks were, which was ludicrous, and was immediately hit on by a guy who recommended I get something very boozy and when I wound up just asking for two waters did one of the classiest moves I've ever seen where he very obviously looked down at my hand to see my wedding ring. I reported back on this scenario and Mike said I should take off my rings and try to get us free drinks. I did not do this.

Eventually we made our way inside where mask clad women dressed in underwear and angel wings were holding what first looked like nunchucks but later turned out to be more like air traffic control lights were standing on a catwalk over the biggest of the booths reserved for table service. Their job was to dance around to welcome every group that came in and as the night wore on they lost their masks and then wings and progressively looked more and more miserable.

We of course did not have table service and parked on a sort of bench area near one of the big booths where we got to witness the glory of Zakir Khan's party. This guy had shelled out so much that when he came in the screen on top of the DJ booth turned into a giant message welcoming him and the dancers came out with another welcome banner. At first his group was pretty low key. One guy was clearly very into the music and spent most of the time standing up and dancing. Another looked miserable and spent a bunch of time texting. But as things got busier the booth got steadily more insane.

There are poles positioned near a bunch of the bigger booths and a pair of women started taking advantage of one of them near us. One of the women was wearing a very short, very tight dress that progressively kept riding up. Sometimes they rub up on/made out with each other. This eventually got them welcomed to Zakir's booth. Zakir was also welcoming other attractive dancing women to come drink his insanely expensive booze in exchange for him putting his arms around them. At one point he actually pushed aside a woman who was dancing with her boyfriend to grab at a woman behind her and welcome her into his booth.

At some point one of the women who was pole dancing – not the one with the extremely short dress – grabbed my hand and insisted I come up and dance with her. She said I had "a great body and nice ass" and that I should "use it to get some free drinks." I danced because why not. It was fun and I got a better view of the stage though I did not get any drinks. In fact Zakir, who may also have noticed my wedding ring or perhaps the crew of guys I came with, in fact sort of pushed me away a few times so he could dance with the girl who pulled me up.

A tour of the space showed that this same scenario was playing out all over the club. There were also guys "making it rain" by throwing out singles and signs in the bathroom discouraging people from doing drugs or having sex. It was a pretty incredible experience.

We stayed out until the set ended, caught a cab back to the hotel and passed out for not nearly long enough since we had plans to do Escape Room the next day. We met at a spectacular pizza place, also recommended by loopygirl, for a big lunch and then went to Escape Room where you have to solve a bunch of puzzles in an hour to get out. We came super close but lost a huge amount of time to being stumped by how to use a key, which turned out to actually be a flash drive.

After that I went to the Las Vegas Convention Center to interview a bunch of Magic players for a story on professional-level play I wrote for The A.V.  Club. Then I went back to the hotel for a nice long nap before seeing Absinthe, which is a combination burlesque show and circus that was extremely entertaining. Then we had dinner at Bazaar Meat, a meal that would definitely rank among the best I've ever had. We considered going out again but were all pretty beat so just met up for brunch the next day, another incredible meal, then did a little more shopping, napping and beer pong followed by tapas dinner and heading home.

[User Picture]From: rollick
2015-09-01 04:20 am (UTC)
Clearly if you REALLY wanted free drinks you should have grabbed those discarded wings and masks and gotten all up in Zakir Khan's face. He sounds like sheer class.
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